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Innovations for sustainable mobility

Mercedes-Benz considers it a goal and a duty to define the future of mobility in a responsible and sustainable manner. The way to achieve this goal is BlueEFFICIENCY: a package of intelligently combined, innovative technologies, which contribute to an appreciable reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Experience the positive effects of the new Viano with 4-cylinder or V6 CDI diesel engine – without compromising on safety, comfort and driving pleasure. The standard-specification BlueEFFICIENCY package[1] includes the following measures:

  • Economical 4-cylinder CDI diesel engine available in two output categories
  • Next-generation V6 CDI diesel engine (with automatic transmission)
  • Consumption-optimised ECO Gear 6-speed manual transmission[2]
  • Measures std. acc. model (ECO st./st., shift disp.[2], ECO pump, int. measures, battery m., pump ctrl., roll-opt. tyres)

[1] Not available in conjunction with petrol engine

[2] No longer applies in conjunction with automatic transmission


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