Protection classes – individual solutions for every standard

The Mercedes-Benz Guard has tailor-made solutions for the most diverse protection requirements at two distinct protection levels. Our vehicles are certified according to the applicable BRV (BRV 1999 and BRV 2009)[1]. Mercedes-Benz Guard offers the following protection classes: high protection (VR1 to VR4) and highest protection (VR5 to VR7).

  • High protection: Vehicles conforming to European protection level VR4 can resist large-calibre handgun fire and protect occupants, for instance, against the violence of street robbers, which is on the increase.
  • Highest protection : Cars with the resistance class VR6/VR7 provide an effective defence against the threat of terrorist attacks. Their armour is designed to withstand projectiles from military weapons that travel twice as fast as bullets fired from a revolver.In addition they provide a defence against shrapnel from hand grenades and other explosives.

[1] Bullet Resistant Vehicle (BRV): Name of the Standard for Testing and Certification of Bullet Resistant Vehicles for passenger vehicles and other vehicles published in 1999 and 2009


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