Drive more efficiently, build more efficiently

During development and construction of the Arocs a whole host of technical measures was implemented, and they pursue only one aim: more efficiency. In concrete terms: less consumption and lower costs. From the first day onwards. And over the entire period of use.

With the Arocs, construction transport becomes more efficient than ever before. Because it saves where decisive moves can be made: where consumption is concerned. A fundamental factor here is the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission, which is used as standard in the Arocs. But the high efficiency of the Arocs starts much earlier than that. With its high-torque Euro VI engines, which not only consume tangibly less fuel – but also live considerably longer. Consumption-optimised auxiliary consumers, sophisticated aerodynamics and the low rolling resistance of the tyres make additional contributions towards low fuel costs.

Over and above this the driver support in the form of the standard-specification FleetBoard® EcoSupport and the optionally available FleetBoard® driving analysis help to save fuel.

For low overall costs we have also equipped the Arocs with long, load-dependent maintenance intervals and and a repair- and maintenance-friendly design. The increased operating life of many of the components and not least the exemplary ease of body mounting also enhance the economy of the Arocs.

All in all: in the case of every operating profile in construction transport the Arocs makes a decisive contribution towards the fact that you are even more efficient and successful when out on the road. Every day. And in every application in construction transport.