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The Arocs Loader and the Arocs Grounder

Sector-specific vehicle concepts.

With the new Arocs, construction transport is more efficient than ever before. In order to live up to this standard to an even greater extent even when it comes to payload-sensitive applications such as those involving dump semitrailers and concrete mixers and when working in difficult conditions, we have developed the Arocs Loader* and the Arocs Grounder*.

* Several model variants only expected to be available from 07/2013

For payload-sensitive haulage

In the case of the Arocs Loader every possible option to save on the vehicle’s unladen weight was examined and – wherever it made technical sense – systematically deployed. The result: payload-optimised 4 x 2 semitrailer tractors which are amongst the lightest in construction transport. And 8 x 4/4 concrete mixers with a perm. GVW of 32 t, with which – thanks to a particularly low unladen weight of 9250 kg maximum – you can deliver 8 cubic metres of ready-mixed concrete on every journey. That pays off. Right from day one.

For greater resilience

The Arocs Grounder is designed for extreme applications in harsh conditions. In other words: through a multitude of technical measures it is even more robust and offers particularly high stability and loadability.

All in all, in the Arocs Loader and the Arocs Grounder you have at your disposal two top workers able to enhance efficiency in construction transport. The best way to obtain more information and your own personal vehicle configuration is to speak to your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer.