The new force for your company

The decisive factor in construction transport is not only building up an enormous amount of power – it’s also putting to use the power available in every situation. The Arocs impresses on both counts. Day in, day out. And in every application in construction transport.

The new Arocs can powerfully master every driving situation. Because we have equipped it with robust and high-torque Euro VI engines, the enhanced, standard-fit Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission and a new, unique suspension and frame design, all as standard.

All the components of the drive system are produced exclusively at Mercedes-Benz and are designed for the special requirements in construction transport. The intelligent control of the drive components, the high torque of the engines plus the extremely short shift times of Mercedes PowerShift 3 ensure that there is more power available than was previously the case.

For the best possible traction and good steerability the drive system, chassis, suspension and frame form a precisely coordinated working team which is optimally configured in all Arocs vehicles for the particular application in question on the road, on the construction site or in extreme terrain.

In short: the precisely coordinated combination of drive system and load-bearing construction sees to it that the tremendous engine power of the Arocs is optimally transferred to the ground and can always be used in a targeted manner.