Hard shell, hard core. Robustness redefined

The Arocs. A truck that lives up to the only standard that can be set – even in difficult conditions: real life.

Whether it’s a semitrailer tractor, rigid vehicle, concrete mixer or heavy-duty dump truck – the on-road and all-wheel drive variants of the Arocs offer an optimum, particularly robust and resilient vehicle for every challenge in construction transport.

All the robustness and loadability of the Arocs is already reflected in the cabs. In the durable cab bodyshell – which is comprised 100% of fully galvanised sheet metal panels – and to an equal extent in the athletic, powerful design. But the completely solid, high-loadability vehicle design also comes into its own where its robustness is not visible at first glance. With chassis and suspension components optimised for construction transport and two differently configured, highly stable frames the Arocs always cuts a fine figure even in difficult conditions. Co-responsible for this: the drive system designed for high loads with the standard-fit Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission – all the components are optimally matched and characterised by excellent reliability. And so that even extreme angles of approach/departure and breakover angles no longer spread fear and panic, we have equipped the Arocs with a further property to take to the construction site: optimised ground clearance. As you can see, the Arocs is equal to any task.