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The best moments of 20 years. In an Actros.

The Actros is 20 years old – you are invited to celebrate with us! With one of the only 200 special models, equipped with a host of safety systems, plenty of comfort and great economic efficiency. 

An Actros doesn't get older. Just even better.

With the Actros, Mercedes-Benz opened a new chapter of "Truck history" back in 1996. The Actros has been able, not only to win numerous international awards such as e.g. the coveted "Truck of the Year" prize or the Red Dot Award, it has also dominated the market like hardly any other truck.

Every new Actros generation has managed to set new standards: thanks to the high level of comfort offered by the long-distance cabs with their extraordinary headroom, manifold stowage facilities, but also their advanced ergonomically perfect workstation.

Through its exemplary economic efficiency: Thanks to the permanent optimisation of the drivetrain, ancillary consumers and its aerodynamics, all of which pursue the same objective: to continue reducing fuel consumption even further. Innovations such as the BlueTec engines, Mercedes PowerShift or Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) are just a couple of examples that explain why the Actros can constantly set new milestones in every balance of accounts – all of these systems are of course installed in the current jubilee model as well.

But also because Mercedes-Benz has always remained faithful to its rôle as a pioneer in respect of safety: Thus, as early as 2001 the Actros was already available with Lane Keeping Assist as an optional equipment feature – 14 years before this safety system became standard. A further example is the fourth-generation Active Brake Assist, which makes the roads safer for all.

We are celebrating this unique success story with a special model, limited strictly to 200 vehicles. There is no predetermined paint finish so that you can choose the colour of your house yourself. Instead, it is equipped with everything that helps you, day after day, to show your competitors your tail lights.