A new dimension of services

We believe that service above all means helping you to reach your daily destinations in long-distance transport. Throughout Europe.Around the clock And particularly cost-effective. In concrete terms, this means offering a range of options, such as our dense pan-European network of workshops and efficient parts logistics, as well as the successful Mercedes-Benz Service24h and TeleDiagnosis. We also provide the telematics solution FleetBoard®. These service modules can be aligned with the requirements of your vehicle fleet to ensure maximum profitability. Other popular services include the MercedesServiceCard and the Mercedes-Benz ProTraining professional training courses, which promote a fuel-saving, economical and safe driving style.

At our Application Information Centre in Wörth, you have the opportunity to get in-depth advice, learn about our comprehensive range of services, and test drive and compare some 180 fully assembled vehicles.