A powerhouse for the construction sector. The Arocs.

For all types of construction use and every type of construction site.

From platform trucks through concrete mixers to heavy-duty tippers – the on-road and all-wheel-drive variants of the Atego and the Arocs are true specialists of the construction industry. Thanks to their versatility, they have the right answer for virtually every task and for every segment of the construction industry.

The Arocs rated at 18 to 41 t is the specialist for heavy-duty operations. It applies its high power reliably and effectively both in difficult terrain and on the road. And the Arocs rated at up to 250 tonnes is a semitrailer tractor vehicle that has been consistently designed and built to transport particularly large, heavy loads the length and breadth of our road networks.

The Atego and the Arocs additionally provide for particularly economical operations with their fuel-efficient Euro VI engines, the extended service lives of many components, low repair and maintenance costs and high body-mounting ability.

In short: Mercedes-Benz delivers what the practical realities require. On the construction site. And on the road. See for yourself.