Making light work of heavy-duty transport.

The Arocs SLT.

The Arocs rated at up to 250 tonnes has been systematically designed and built for heavy haulage the length and breadth of our road networks. Beyond this, the Arocs rated at up to 250 tonnes sets benchmarks in comfort, performance and flexibility. At first sight, on every trip and on the breaks in-between, its cabs offer precisely the living and working convenience needed in heavy haulage.

With its powerful, reliable Euro VI engines, Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift and turbo retarder clutch it has a powerful and extremely resilient drive system that always provides the exact power that you need in practice in heavy haulage.

To ensure that you can always make the most of the vast engine output, we have equipped the Arocs up to 250 tonnes with a particularly robust chassis, suspension and frame which puts the power delivered down on the road with precision, even when the truck is operating at full capacity.

The huge and varied range of equipment and models ensure maximum flexibility and the best match for the end-use application, resulting in a perfectly-configured vehicle for practically every type of deployment.