The Atego from 7.5 to 16 t.

Whichever sector of the building materials industry you earn your money in and with whatever vehicle configuration, the Atego impresses across the board.

The Atego's lasting value is manifested in attributes such as its high quality, its outstanding reliability and its durability and robustness. Beyond this, a broad range of equipment and technical measures additionally ensures that the Atego adds up both in the accounting department and at the construction site in terms of efficiency and dedication to the task in hand. The ergonomically designed driver's workplace and particularly effortless handling are other hallmarks of the Atego. The appealing exterior and interior design also underscore the vehicle's added value.

As you can see, the Atego is a fully-fledged professional in the building materials industry that has practically all the answers in daily operations. And a truck that can be instrumental in making your transport operations in the building materials industry even more profitable.