Perfect handling: time, load and vehicle – all under control.

The Antos has practically everything necessary to make your daily work in the distribution sector from 18 t more pleasant: a comfortable, practical work environment, a dynamic drive system with fast response times and impressive handling performance.

The ClassicSpace S-cab, ClassicSpace M-cab and CompactSpace M-cab come with the ideal credentials to enable you to meet the ever-growing challenges of day-to-day operation quickly, easily and comfortably. This is because they are systematically geared towards the specific application, allowing them to offer an excellent balance between body length, payload capacity and a comfortable, practical workstation. The standardised width of 2300 mm provides an optimum overall view for the driver, while the low, stair-like entrance takes the strain out of getting in. The comfortable driver’s seat and the asymmetrically designed cockpit that is angled towards the driver instantly give you a feeling of complete control. In short: well thought-out ergonomics, intuitive operation as well as handy stowage facilities and compartments that combine to create a harmonious, integrated design that simply makes work easier.

The quick-response dynamic drive system of the Antos is convincing from the very start as well. Working in unison with the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift and the application-matched transmissions and rear-axle ratios, the high-torque Euro VI engines are able to deliver a tangible sense of dynamism and economical driving pleasure in virtually any driving situation. Besides this, the direct and responsive steering, the wide frame, the 4-bellows air suspension and the rear-axle guide* work together in perfect harmony to produce a particularly assured and solid driving feel. Just as much on a country road as in the city or when manoeuvring. Furthermore, the driver is supported by an extremely diverse array of safety and assistance systems. For noticeably better handling. On every trip.

* Only available for 4 x 2 model variants.