Simply more capacity: Antos Loader and Antos Volumer.

If you are looking for extra payload capacity or load space; we have the answer: the Antos Loader and the Antos Volumer - two real specialists that are simply built to carry more.

Sector-specific vehicle concepts.

The Antos is the particularly efficient solution in the distribution sector from 18 t. And so that the same can be said for high-payload and high-volume haulage too, we have developed the Antos Loader and the Antos Volumer. Because specialised tasks call for specialised tools – or rather, specialised vehicles.

The Antos Loader payload-optimised platform trucks and tractor units are among the lightest in the heavy-duty short-radius distribution sector. With high-performance, economical Euro VI engines coupled with cabs that are matched to the jobs they have to do - without making any compromises in terms of safety.

The Antos Volumer also makes it possible to operate even more efficiently. The rigids boast a low frame height and the tractor units stand out with their low coupling point height, making them real high-volume haulage specialists. In practice, this means the load area can be put to optimum use. In addition to the high load capacity, powertrain configurations which are particularly economical with fuel and the large fuel tank capacity on the Antos Volumer, for instance, all contribute to greater efficiency too.

This means with the Antos Loader and the Antos Volumer, Mercedes-Benz is able to offer you vehicle configurations which are optimised for their task and which simply allow you to operate more profitably wherever there is a requirement for high-payload and high-volume haulage.