Distribution transportation has its very own set of rules.

The Atego for distribution haulage from 6.5 to 16 t and the Antos for distribution haulage from 18 t thus represent vehicles which are ideally suited to address the challenges of this sector.

This means that the Atego is ideally prepared for the requirements which apply in the areas of horticulture, furniture transport, refrigerated transport or general cargo distribution, for example. And with the Antos you are all set to carry out your work extremely efficiently in areas such as food transport, refrigerated transport, general cargo and drinks distribution, in the tank and silo sector or wherever particularly high load capacities are called for.

In addition to the comfortable workplace, both model series boast perfectly job-matched vehicle configurations, fuel-saving, efficient technology and attractive services which can further enhance overall economy.

Climb aboard – and discover Mercedes-Benz in distribution haulage.