Axor – the truck which Mercedes-Benz says ‘weighs less but works like a heavyweight’ – could prove a savvy investment for those who can turn less weight into more money.
In one recent deal, fuel distributor Reynolds Logistics proved that less can become more when the truck/trailer weight equation is right.
After equipping their fleet with six new Axors, Reynolds found that the weight saving from their lower tractor body weight could be transferred to their tank trailer carrying capacity with the result that each truck could carry an additional one thousand litres per trip. Scaled up over the space of just one day, this meant that the combined Axor fleet was able to deliver an additional 30,000 litres compared to previously.
Axor models purchased by Reynolds Logistics are fitted with Daytime S-Cabs, small centre axles, alloy wheels, aluminium air tanks and fixed fifth wheels. Features include greater fuel efficiency thanks to BlueTec technology, Euro 5 engines and Telligent engine management system and a range of other economic enhancements.
Fergus Conheady, Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Mercedes-Benz is pictured with Andrew Reynolds Chief Executive Reynolds Logistics at the delivery of their new Mercedes-Benz Axors.