Emma Bailey from Bailey Transport, Birr was ‘Queen of the Road’ at the recent launch of the new heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz Actros truck held in Tattersals’ premises in Ratoath, outside Dublin.

With her brother Trevor, she was there to put the winner of the coveted 2012 International Truck of the Year Award through its paces.

Powered by a new generation of low-emissions, fuel-efficient engines, the Actros is regarded as the most fuel efficient truck on the market.

Confirmed in tests carried out under the independent eye of the leading German certification and testing agency, it is considered capable of delivering fuel savings amounting to €2,500 per annum – equal to a whopping €12,500 over a five years life span of the average long-distance truck.

Its other features include a totally new cab, numerous aerodynamic refinements, an innovative lighting concept and a generous working, living and resting space for the driver.