FleetBoard, one of Europe’s leading telematics providers, is to be marketed in Ireland by the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles division.

The arrival of FleetBoard coincides with the imminent launch of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros in which the hardware used to operate FleetBoard comes pre-installed as a standard feature.

The FleetBoard system is designed to provide three key services – vehicle, time and logistics management – each one tailored to deliver increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. In operation, it is claimed that FleetBoard delivers significant savings by cutting fuel costs by anywhere from 5 to 10%.

To promote the introduction of FleetBoard as a standard fitting on all new Actros models, Mercedes-Benz is offering a four-months free trial of the software used to drive the system. For new Actros buyers, the expectation is that the results they will get from the trial will be sufficient to convince them of the economic merits of the system.