The Mannheim plant – Innovation meets tradition

The company in the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region has always understood how to combine a pioneering spirit with entrepreneurship in order to strike out on new, successful, ways. In Mannheim Carl Benz built the first motor car in the world in 1886, ushering in a new, mobile era.

Ever since, the Mannheim location has had a charm of its own. Characterised by tradition, this location embodies as no other the roots of the company. At the same time it stands for innovative engines and iron castings. The Mannheim engine manufacturing plant is the worldwide "lead plant" of the Daimler Trucks commercial vehicle engines. Engine production is subdivided into three basic business fields: the heavy-duty, medium-duty and lightweight engine model series. The areas of operation clearly go far beyond "normal" applications. Wherever reliability is called for, Mannheim engines can be found: even installed aboard ships, on railway engines, construction machines or in agricultural machines.

But it is precisely the rôle played as an automotive technology pioneer that creates the duty to see sustainable mobility and thus environmental protection, innovation and safety as the most important challenges for the company. From research and development to production, the Mercedes-Benz Mannheim plant is committed to efficient resource usage, as well as to minimising emissions and noise production.