Comfort that is geared to the driver. And to the task in hand.

Big on the finer details, too.

The Actros redefines terms such as freedom of movement, spaciousness and atmosphere without losing sight of drivers' everyday work. In short, working, living and sleeping comfort in keeping with the nature of the long-haulage driver's work and their high requirements.

A modern workplace, an attractive living area and at the same time a place for restful sleep – the cabs of the Actros live up to these requirements in every respect. This is especially true of the GigaSpace, in which the exceptionally high comfort which makes the Actros such an outstanding player in the long-distance transport sector can be experienced in its most compelling form. For example, there is the impressive headroom of 2.13 m between the seats and the excellent balance between stowage capacity and freedom of movement.

Perfect ergonomics and practical solutions are the defining characteristics of the workplace in the Actros – and what sounds so simple and feels so good when out on the road is actually the result of a whole series of components which have been finely matched in both ergonomic and functional terms. These include the cockpit, which is ideally suited to the driver's needs, the comfortable seats and the multifunction steering wheel. Everything can be operated intuitively and is precisely tuned to work processes in long-distance transport. Crucial factors for the pleasant atmosphere in the Actros are the homely interior design with its friendly colour concept, the clear design idiom and the high-quality, perfectly finished and easy-to-clean materials, plus the clear separation of workplace and living area.

The well-thought-out living concept ensures maximum relaxation during breaks. Restful sleep comes courtesy of the comfortable beds. Furthermore, practical details and interior designs increase the sense of well-being and add a distinctly personal touch to the Actros as far as cab comfort is concerned.