Dynamic handling.

Impressive driving dynamics: the easy way to make every job more effortless and less stressful.

Precisely tuned powertrain configurations, immediate power delivery, high driving stability, precise steering characteristics and, last but not least, numerous assistance and safety systems – all of this noticeably eases the burden on drivers, giving them a unique driving experience. In short, hardly any other truck is able to offer such a safe, superior and relaxing drive as the Actros.

The Actros is characterised by outstanding driving dynamics delivered by the perfect interplay of all the drive system, chassis and suspension components. For example, the precise response of the high-torque in-line engines and the perfectly matched shift strategy of the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmission deliver an immediate, comfortable response when moving off. What's more, the power generated in the engine is put down on the road particularly efficiently thanks to the hypoid rear axle. This makes for optimum suitability for operating profiles, low fuel consumption and thus greater economy.

When it comes to ride comfort, too, everything is perfectly coordinated: from the sensitive steering system to the frame and the 4-bellows air suspension to the innovative rear axle guide*.

It all adds up to: maximum driving comfort and a particularly effortless and relaxing driving experience. From start to finish.

* Only for 4x2 vehicles, not for Actros Loader.