Comprehensive solutions for greater transport efficiency.

These days, particularly low overall costs and rising earnings can no longer be achieved just by having economical and reliable vehicles. Operating safely is also a decisive factor for high transport efficiency. Along with services which increase vehicle availability even further. From day one. And throughout the entire period of use.

Comprehensive transport efficiency.

There are plenty of ways to operate even more efficiently. By reducing vehicle-related costs such as acquisition, fuel consumption, maintenance and repairs, Mercedes-Benz contributes to making even better use of your vehicle's vast potential for boosting profitability: with innovative vehicle technology and services tailored perfectly to individual needs. The following pages will give you a detailed overview of the levers we are able to offer you for achieving even more economy with regard to vehicle-related costs. And you can also make savings on the road: in addition, FleetBoard supports optimised vehicle capacity utilisation and helps reduce personnel and administration costs. Just take a look for yourself! 

High overall economy.

The combination of efficient, reliable vehicle technology, leading safety technologies and services makes it possible to reduce overall costs and therefore to increase earnings. With every kilometre.