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The best from the last 20 years. In an Actros.

The Actros is 20 – and you are invited to join the celebrations! With one of these 200 special models, equipped with all sorts of safety systems, considerable comfort and tremendous scope for economic driving.

An Actros doesn’t get older. It just gets better.

Back in 1996, the Actros opened up a new chapter in ‘truck history’ at Mercedes-Benz. The Actros has not only been the recipient of numerous international awards, such as the coveted ‘Truck of the Year’ award or the Red Dot Award, but has also come to dominate the market in a way unrivalled by any other truck.

Each new generation of the Actros has been able to set new standards: in terms of the outstanding comfort of the longdistance cabs, reflected for example in the exceptionally generous headroom and multifarious stowage facilities, but also in a state-of-the-art cockpit and perfect ergonomics.

In terms also of exemplary economy: continual optimisation of the drivetrain, the ancillary consumers and the aerodynamics, all focused on just one objective, which is to reduce fuel consumption further and further. Innovations such as BlueTec engines, Mercedes PowerShift or Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) are just a few examples of how the Actros keeps on setting new milestones – with all of these, of course, included in the current anniversary model.

But also in terms of the fact that Mercedes-Benz has always stayed true to its role as a pioneer when it comes to matters of safety: Lane Keeping Assist, for example, was available as an optional equipment item for the Actros as far back as 2001 – 14 years before it became a standard safety system. Another example is provided by the fourth generation of Active Brake Assist, which makes our roads safer for everyone.

This unique success story is being celebrated with a special model, in a strictly limited run of 200 vehicles. It doesn’t come in any specific colour, enabling you to select your own company livery. But it does come with everything else that will help you leave your competitors trailing in your wake.