2012-6 - 2 Fleetboard - Wins Award

FleetBoard – the telematics subsidiary of Daimler AG - that provides vehicle, time and logistics management tailored to deliver increased efficiency, reduced operational costs fuel cost savings from 5 to 10% - has won the Frost & Sullivan 2012 Growth Leadership Award in the category of medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle telematics. It was honoured for its innovations and for recording the industry’s highest annual growth rates during the past three years.

To promote the introduction of FleetBoard as a standard fitting on all new Actros models - for which the hardware used to operate it comes pre-installed as a standard feature - Mercedes-Benz in Ireland is offering a free trial of the software used to drive the system. For new Actros buyers, the expectation is that the results they will get from the trial will confirm the economic merits of the system.

Based in California, Frost & Sullivan has offices in over 40 countries worldwide. Their award was presented to FleetBoard Managing Director Markus Lipinsky at their 2012 European Growth, Innovation & Leadership conference in London.

Appointed as Sales Manager for FleetBoard in Ireland, based at the Motor Distributors HQ in Dublin, is Patrick Power who joined FleetBoard having had over 30 years experience in the transport industry.

Commenting at the time of his appointment, Fergus Conheady, Commercial Vehicle Sales Manager of Mercedes-Benz in Ireland said ‘in light of our current economic conditions and the need for operators to find savings wherever possible, Patrick will apply his extensive knowledge of transport and logistics to the task of promoting the economic advantages of FleetBoard.’