Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts

So that it remains a Mercedes-Benz.

Every single one of our Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts is subject to the same exacting standards as each Mercedes-Benz truck that leaves our factory. The experience amassed from over a century of vehicle and parts manufacture is channelled into keeping all of the outstanding qualities of your vehicle as intact as possible: from its proverbial quality and proven standards of safety to its unfailing dependability - even hundreds of thousands of kilometres down the road.What's more, the exceptional durability and outstanding value for money offered by our GenuineParts makes them attractive for their cost effectiveness too.

Precisely defined manufacturer's specifications, comprehensive checks and extensive tests guarantee that each and every Mercedes-Benz GenuinePart complies with the very toughest quality standards and is always absolutely state of the art. And to ensure that our products remain truly matchless, they are protected with an unmistakable hologram packaging which is designed to safeguard your interests just as much as ours.

The sophisticated system of networking that exists between our global logistic centres is your guarantee that any Mercedes-Benz genuine part can be delivered to your dealer as fast as possible. The fixed prices we offer for Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts also include fitting, resulting in transparent repair costs which you can calculate in advance.

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