Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil

Oil that deserves a star.
Who knows best what properties the perfect oil for our cars should have? Our scientists and engineers, who, with their innovative energy, expertise and many years of experience, also built our engines. They have developed the special lubricant for your vehicle: genuine engine oil from Mercedes-Benz.

Greater performance through reduced friction
Its most important task is to reduce the mechanical friction. Our engine oil is able to cope perfectly with the mechanical and thermal loads. The components and additives which have been specially selected for it meet the particular quality standards of a Mercedes-Benz engine and ensure its high level of efficiency and performance.

Safe in many situations.
100 percent reliable - from minus 30 degrees to plus 260 degrees. When subject to thermal loads, whether of heat or cold, there should be no signs of evaporation loss, flow and lubrication characteristics should be maintained and the oil must reliably perform all its functions.

Maximum staying power
Change the oil so that you need to change it less often. With Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil you're not only opting for the lubricant that is perfect for your vehicle but also for the one with a special kind of staying power. With regular changes you can be certain that your engine continually functions and works at a high standard.

Lower consumption. Fewer emissions. Greater performance.
Thanks to the special quality of Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil you have a clear benefit when it comes to economic driving. It reduces friction, contains highly effective additives which make it last longer, and helps to give a consistently high level of performance. You can fully exploit your engine’s potential in different driving conditions and still use less fuel.

It also brings an environmental benefit: working together with our state-of-the-art exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, it helps to reduce the emission of harmful substances.