Fixed Price Repairs from Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Wear & Tear repairs at a Fixed Price.

Replacement of brake pads & discs.

Mercedes-Benz genuine truck brake discs are manufactured from a patented niobium alloyed material and undergo final precise processing at a special Mercedes-Benz plant in Germany. The special niobium alloy allows for resistance to heat cracks, even temperature distribution, good heat dissipation, long service life and excellent braking characteristics - even in critical situations.

The brake discs ensure optimal friction pairing in combination with Mercedes-Benz genuine brake linings and are given technical approval by the Mercedes-Benz development department after many tests.

Replacement of front brake pads & discs: Actros 936

Price: € 698.17 + VAT [1]

Replacement of rear brake pads & discs: Actros 936

Price: € 735.59 + VAT [1]

[1] Prices shown do not include VAT. The price reduction relates to the list prices. The images are in part for illustrative purposes. Prices may vary depending on the vehicle model and specification; subject to change; errors excepted. Whether a given part can be fitted in the vehicle in the vehicle in question must be checked out in the electronic parts catalogue. These offers cannot be combined with other discounts. Please ask your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer for prices for other model series. Offers valid on Actros 936 4x2 model only. Offers only available at participating dealers. Terms and conditions apply.