Professional maintenance management.

Keeping your fleet and your business on the move

Professional maintenance management ensures that your business doesn’t have to suffer unnecessary downtime.
Using leading-edge communications methods, we help you with the organisation of maintenance work on your tried-and-tested Actros or your new Actros, Arocs or Antos through our FleetBoard feature.

As an option your Mercedes-Benz service partner can receive all your relevant maintenance and wear data via the FleetBoard "Service" function.Using this information your Mercedes-Benz service partner can then create an optimised maintenance plan.This is to your advantage as the necessary work can be combined and appointments for it can be planned in at the right time.You receive qualified price and time information through your Mercedes-Benz service reception without having to bring your vehicle into the workshop. That means you can concentrate on your core business and reduce downtimes and costs by keeping your trucks in maximum usage.

Good to know: only data which is necessary for identifying the vehicle and for planning maintenance is transmitted (VIN, km count, maintenance prognosis, wear data for brakes, inspection dates, etc.). No data is transmitted which would provide information about the driver, driving times, driving style, position, route or payload of the vehicle. The data is completely deleted after maintenance is successfully completed and not shared with any third parties.