Predictive Powertrain Control.

Reduces consumption by up to 5 %.

Benefit from a PPC retrofit now - a highly worthwhile investment!

This innovative system links GPS data and topographic maps with the Mercedes PowerShift 3 system. Gear selection and speed are adapted predictively and fully automatically to the individual road conditions to be encountered by means of cruise control:

The result: an optimisation of fuel efficiency that pays even for low mileages. Calculate your own savings potential here now! Use the PDF provided.

    The principle is incredibly simple.

    PPC uses momentum peaks before climbs, shifts down during the climb, throttles back before crests and allows the vehicle to coast on downhill stretches with minor momentum peaks. With these tactics PPC reduces consumption by up to 5 %!

    The PPC retrofit package (B6 683 0049) in conjunction with PowerShift 3 (G5G)* consists of the following components:

    • Control module
    • GPS aerial parts kit
    • Wiring harness
    • Cable bushing
    • Cable ties

    Have PPC retrofitted to your Arocs at your nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle dealer today for just €980 + VAT

    * - Except Arocs all-wheel-drive
         (Model designation 964.007/008/018/207/208/218/232/233/407/408/418)
       - Except Arocs Concrete Mixer (Model designation 964.314/316/324/326/330/331/338/341)
       - Cannot be retrofitted in vehicles with the following equipment codes: G0B, G0C,
         G0D, G0S, G0X, G2D, G3Y, A1H in conjunction with B3H.