The Mercedes-Benz Econic already has as standard many of the features needed for intensive disposal work. Only one step for quick and safe entry/exit, a level floor for through-cab access, large windows for excellent visibility and a generously proportioned cab with room for up to four occupants. The inward-opening folding door on the side opposite to the traffic means a great plus in safety – as does the optional camera system for 360-degree all-round visibility.

Its manoeuvrability and exceptionally good handling stand it in good stead when it has to make its way along narrow city streets, or places where cars parked in double row obstruct the carriageway.

In city-centres in particular, the 7.7-litre natural gas engine is a worthwhile option: It can draw upon an output of up to 222 kW and 1200 Nm of torque. At the same time the Econic NGT is cleaner and quieter than comparable turbo-diesel engines – and it does all this without an SCR catalytic converter, particulate filter or AdBlue.

Thanks to the Allison automatic transmission, the Econic is always pleasant to drive, even in stop-start traffic in the city centre which is normally irksome. Alternatively available for select vehicle variants, too, is the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic gearshift system.