A desirable workplace.

Safely on the move.

The new Econic is not just one of the most ergonomic commercial vehicle there is, it's one of the safest too. Both co-drive and driver can access and exit the cab on the side away from the traffic through the folding door, via a single step. In collection or distribution rounds a great advantage: it reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

The low seating position of the driver, the panoramic glazing of the cab, the fully-glazed folding door provide the driver with the best view of the vehicle's surroundings. On top of this the folding door opens inwards – therefore occupying no further traffic circulation space, and protecting both occupants and other road users.

Intelligent design. High productivity.

All functions of the operating concept are subordinated to one objective: creating the best conditions for a smooth workday. Instruments, multifunction steering wheel, clear layout of the dashboard and seat arrangement: everything is laid out in an intuitive and application-oriented manner.