At the heart of economic efficiency.

And so that the Econic can complete every operation powerfully and reliably, it is equipped as standard with an advanced BlueTec 6 diesel engine and combines future security with great efficiency and environmental compatibility. Three versions are available: with a basic output of 200 kW at 2200 rpm and a maximum torque level of 1100 Nm, and with an upgraded output of 220 kW at 2200 rpm and a maximum torque level of 1200 Nm, and a top output of 260 kW and a maximum torque of 1400 Nm.

In the exhaust gas after-treatment box the tried and tested SCR catalytic converter reduces nitrogen oxides and the diesel particulate filter prevents the egress of soot particles almost entirely.

Alternatively, the Econic can be powered by the M 936 G gas engine. This 7.7-litre unit is designed for operation with compressed natural gas. A maximum output of 222 kW can be delivered, the maximum torque level is 1200 Nm. In practice this means great power delivery over a broad engine speed range. A welcome side effect when working in city centres: The Econic powered by an NGT engine is quieter than a comparable turbo-diesel engine and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 20 percent.This is made possible by its combustion and exhaust gas after-treatment strategy, which does not require an SCR catalytic converter, particulate filter or the addition of AdBlue.

Power – efficiently and comfortably transferred to the road.

Correct power transfer comes courtesy of the Allison 6-speed automatic transmission with FuelSense® technology. It mobilises a high output even at low speeds. Torque converter, torque converter lock-up clutch, close-ratio forward gear with overdrive and touch-key gearshift deliver an exceptional power transfer and the best conditions for stress-free, safe driving.

In line with the respective mission profile, the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic gearshift system is available for select vehicle variants. .