Off-road perfection.

The Unimog U 4023 / U 5023 makes its way.

The new highly off-road capable Unimog tackles virtually every challenge, thanks to the cutting-edge technology it features. All-wheel drive and outstanding torsional flexibility give this rugged vehicle an advantage on rough terrain: the Unimog gets your manpower, materials and heavy equipment to their place of deployment, no matter how remote.

Innovative suspension concept.

The unique superior all-terrain capability of the Unimog has its origins in its innovative suspension system: The torsionally flexible frame with its 3-point mounting of cab, engine and transmission system, as well as the suspension mounting using torque tube engineering, the wishbone steering and coil springs, all make a degree of articulation of up to 30 degrees possible. All-wheel drive, single tyres, central tyre inflation (Tirecontrol Plus) and differential locks all ensure maximum off-road traction. And thanks to its low centre of gravity, operational stability is assured, even on very steep slopes. The Unimog also particularly benefits from its high ground clearance of up to half a metre when in off-road operation.

Versatile potential uses.

Even in then deepest wilderness, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical drive systems deliver the right output for the most diverse implements and superstructures. With its well-thought-out drive concept, the vehicle is predestined to carry out the most varied tasks and operations. A number of attachment spaces with standardised connection points make it easy to attach bodies and change implements.