A coveted workplace.

Optimum work conditions.

Climb in, feel good, get going: The cab brings together all the results of decade-long vehicle construction. It affords a comfortable seating position in the low-vibration area behind the front axle – a valuable help in particular when driving off-road.All the settings can be easily read off the large instrument cluster display.This makes a considerable contribution towards safety and user-friendliness. This is how work and comfort go hand in hand in the Unimog. For the quicker and more intuitively the driver can operate the many different driving and working functions, the safer and more reliably the vehicle can be deployed off-road.

Optional crewcab for up to seven persons.

While the single cab offers room for two fully-fledged individual seats and a centre seat, the ex-works available crewcab can carry up to seven occupants. A configuration with an additional rear bench seat for four, or a two single-seat arrangement; both are possible. The rear bench seat also provides additional stowage space, e.g. for tools or material.