Versatile off-road professional.

Scree, snow, sand, unpaved roads – the Unimog U 4023 and Unimog U 5023 find a way. Thanks to its uncompromising superb off-road capability, it can transport tools, equipment, materials and manpower to their place of deployment well off the beaten track, let alone the asphalt road. And once it gets there, it works reliably and superlatively well. The reasons for this lie in the pre-installed, ex factory mounting areas and interfaces and drive systems for permanently installed and interchangeable implements. Unimog U 4023 and Unimog U 5023 feature two different transmission power take-offs as well as an engine power take-off. The option of a vehicle hydraulics system for the deployment of implements and continuous consumers is also available on board. Standardised sockets provide electrical power. The mounting area is particularly versatile: The possibilities range from drop-side body, to box body or can accommodate special solutions for specific requirements.