Also fits exceptionally well visually.

Modern design with flowing surface design.

Well-proportioned side design.

The key features of the side design:

  • large sliding door, left, in 2 widths depending on vehicle length. The sliding door has the same dimensions with front wheel and rear wheel drive, the height of the light fold down opening, however, is 80 mm higher in the front wheel drive, as the subsection of the step is omitted
  • Sliding door right, optional
  • Windows, optional, depending on the vehicle length, in the side wall or sliding door as well as in the middle and rear, upon request Sliding windows, that allow more air into the interior, and tinted windows in the rear with black-tinted glass
  • Outside mirrors with aerodynamic design, ensuring 105 mm smaller vehicle width in comparison with the preceding series
  • Robust protective strips between the wheel housing trim can help prevent damage to the paintwork
  • 40.6 cm (16 inch) steel wheels, painted in colour upon request
  • Light-alloy wheels in sizes 40.6 cm (16 inch) and 43.2 cm (17 inch), optional
  • Omission of the rubber buffer in combination with the optional rear-end doors with opening to side wall