Affix cargo according to regulations.

Clever options for load securing.

For load securing according to regulations the Sprinter panel van is equipped with a continuous partition behind the driver's seat and with tie-down eyes as standard. Depending on the vehicle length, 6 to 12 tie-down eyes are included on the vehicle floor. The pallet support in the step of the sliding door is new [1], which stabilises the pallets in the door area. The load retainer rail system on the load compartment floor and the tie-down rails at various heights of the side wall make it possible to flexibly affix the load. Alongside securing the load, these features protect the load compartment against damage.

    For load securing, the following is available upon request:

    • Pallet support in the step of the sliding door [1], stabilises the cargo in the door area and particularly makes sense in the transport of Europallets or pallet cages
    • Tie-down rail side wall on the belt rail or underneath the roof frame, allows the affixing of the cargo to the side wall – practical in the transport of smaller and larger objects, for example
    • Load retainer rail system, made up of 2 load retainer rails on the load compartment floor
    • Large selection of partitions, e.g. with window or with door
    • Tensioning straps, made up of 2 retaining straps with lever tensioning buckle and tie-down hook
    • Tensioning straps for tie-down rails, made up of 4 tie-down eyes/studs (without belts) and 2 ratchet straps

    [1] Only available for vehicles with rear wheel drive.