Its cargo volume has weight: the Vito Panel Van

Hungry for the next task.

The Vito Panel Van takes a lot in its stride without being swept "off its feet". It is quite the professional for demanding tasks and exceptionally suited to represent a business. Its speciality is loading cargo: With a load compartment length of up to 3061 mm and a maximum cargo volume of 6.6 cbm, the Vito panel van can transport between 829 kg and 1294 kg in its load compartment, and – with load uprating to a perm. GVW of 3200 kg - as much as between 1219 kg and 1324 kg (with rear-wheel drive).

However, mass is not everything: Thanks to its large load compartment apertures and low loading sill it is very easy to transfer cargo inside. With the optional left-hand sliding door there are three points of access to the load compartment available, through which up to three Euro pallets can be loaded. The anchoring rails on the load compartment floor and the lashing rails on the load compartment sidewalls offer flexible ways to secure the load.