There are five Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios across the globe.

Gorden Wagener, Head of the Design unit of the Mercedes-Benz Group AG, is responsible for all the studios. The advanced design studios are located in Sindelfingen (Germany), Como (Italy), Beijing (China) as well as in Carlsbad and Sunnyvale (California, USA).

The studio in Como specialises in the interior of future vehicles, mainly due to its location in the famous triangle between the cities of Como, Milan and Turin. In light of new mobility concepts as well as cooperative ventures, the advanced design studio in Beijing is of great importance.

The designers in Carlsbad focus on the exterior of tomorrow's vehicles and beyond, whereas the advanced design studio in Sunnyvale devises the digital future and comprehensive interfaces for vehicles. The creative threads converge in Sindelfingen.

The advanced design studios provide important stimuli for the continuous advancement of the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of Sensual Purity and for implementing design trends with new ideas, which will continue to make a Mercedes look sensually and aesthetically pure as well as stylishly sporty without denying its roots and brand identity in future. To them, the future is now.