Ultimate Hell Week

Mercedes-Benz X-Class official vehicle sponsor of RTÉ's 'Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week'

Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles have once again teamed up with Motive Television, the production company behind the RTÉ2 programme 'Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week'. 

The programme is back for a second season of gruelling ordeals in the army-style selection course, with 28 recruits taking on the challenge. The course was designed by former members of Ireland's Special Forces unit, the Army Ranger Wing (ARW).The X-Class will feature throughout the programme as a support vehicle for the instructors and recruits.

The X-Class, a functional and relaible pickup, is so powerful that it can carry more than a 1,000kg load and pull trailers with a weight of up to 3,500kg. It's robustness made it the perfect match for the Ultimate Hell Week challenge.