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Citan Panel Van, equipment

Citan Panel Van: Features

Standard equipment highlights.

MBUX multimedia system incl. navigation & DAB

Citan Panel Van, 6 airbags

6 airbags

Citan Panel Van, Parking Package

Parking Package

Citan Panel Van, LED High Performance headlamps

LED High Performance headlamps

Citan Panel Van, outside mirrors, electric folding and adjustment

Outside mirrors, electric folding and adjustment

Citan Panel Van

Digital Extras

Numerous equipment features at a glance.

  1. Equipment packages
  2. Interior

    Two-seater co-driver's seat

    Space for three in the front row. The two-seater co-driver seat provides an additional centre seat. Both co-driver seats have three-point seat belts and adjustable head restraints. The centre backrest can also be folded down separately and can be used for stowage or as an underlay when the vehicle is stationary.

    The two-seater co-driver seat provides an additional centre seat. Both co-driver seats have three-point seat belts and adjustable head restraints.

    Leather steering wheel

    The leather steering wheel enhances the look of the cockpit. The pleasant leather covering provides good grip and the ergonomically shaped steering wheel rim tangibly increases the levels of comfort.

    Citan Panel Van, leather steering wheel

    Load compartment lighting in LED technology

    The load compartment lighting uses LED technology and ensures good illumination of the load compartment, thereby enabling better orientation in the dark and better visibility when loading and unloading your vehicle.

    Citan Panel Van, load compartment lighting in LED technology

    Smartphone holder

    The universal smartphone holder allows the use of various mobile end devices in the vehicle. It is positioned on the instrument panel in an easy-to-reach position within the driver's line of sight. With a width span from 57 mm to 95 mm, it can be flexibly adapted to suit the size of the respective mobile phone or smartphone.

    Citan Panel Van, smartphone holder

    Stowage compartment on dashboard

    The practical stowage compartment on the instrument panel provides you with plenty of space to stow away everyday items such as a smartphone, tablet, wallet or keys during the journey to ensure that these are close at hand.

    Citan Panel Van, stowage compartment on dashboard

    Armrest with stowage compartment

    The armrest with stowage compartment underneath is located between the driver's seat and co-driver's seat in your vehicle and provides additional practical stowage space.

    Citan Panel Van, armrest with stowage compartment
  3. Exterior

    Sliding door left and right

    The presence of a sliding door on each side of the vehicle ensures greater flexibility when loading and unloading. The sliding doors do not need much space to open, so the driver can even enter tighter parking spaces.

    Citan Panel Van, sliding door on the left

    Double-wing rear door with window

    The windows in the rear doors with a wiper/washer system give the driver better rearward visibility through the load compartment, making for easier manoeuvring and reversing.

    Citan Panel Van, double-wing rear door with window


    The tailgate can be raised upwards to an angle of about 90° and opens a large door cut-out for loading and unloading. The integrated window improves the view to the rear. It can be heated and comes with a wipe and washer system.

    Citan Panel Van, tailgate

    Fog lamps in LED technology

    The LED front foglamps can improve vision in tough weather without dazzling oncoming traffic.

    Citan Panel Van, fog lamps in LED technology

    Painted bumper

    The body-coloured front and rear bumpers lend your vehicle an even higher quality look and significantly enhance the exterior of the whole vehicle.

    Citan Panel Van, painted bumper

    Low ball head trailer coupling

    With the aid of the factory-installed fixed trailer coupling with low ball head, you can open the rear-end doors of your vehicle even when the trailer is coupled. Ex-factory installation saves a subsequent visit to the workshop and an additional German Technical Inspection Authority check.

    Citan Panel Van, low ball head trailer coupling
  4. Comfort
  5. Technical features

    7-speed automatic transmission

    The 7-speed automatic transmission allows comfortable, fuel-efficient driving at low engine speeds as well as powerful quick bursts of speed, for example when overtaking.

    The 7-speed automatic transmission allows comfortable, fuel-efficient driving at low engine speeds.

    Trailer load 1500 kg

    With the optional trailer coupling, the new Citan Panel Van can tow loads of up to 1500 kg – a particularly practical feature if you occasionally need to transport more cargo.

    Citan Panel Van, trailer load 1500 kg

    6-speed manual transmission

    The 6-speed manual transmission impresses even at higher speeds with a smooth-running drivetrain and economical fuel consumption. It is comfortable to change gear and during early upshifting it supports a fuel-saving driving style.

    Citan Panel Van, 6-speed manual transmission
  6. Safety

    Active Brake Assist

    The Active Brake Assist function can help to prevent accidents with vehicles travelling ahead and with crossing pedestrians, or can minimise the consequences of an accident.

    Citan Panel Van, Active Brake Assist

    Active Lane Keeping Assist

    Active Lane Keeping Assist can help you to avoid accidents, not only by detecting unintentional straying from the lane, but also by issuing appropriate warnings and intervening in the steering if required. But you always remain in full control: if you actively steer, brake or accelerate, the system does not intervene.

    Citan Panel Van, Active Lane Keeping Assist

    Blind Spot Assist

    With Blind Spot Assist, you'll enjoy safer driving, especially when changing lanes. It uses radar technology to monitor the area which is not covered by your outside mirrors. By means of visual and audible warnings, it can warn you of a potential side impact with other road users.

    With Blind Spot Assist, you'll enjoy safer driving, especially when changing lanes.

    Traffic Sign Assist

    Traffic Sign Assist makes it easier for you to respect speed limits and other signposted instructions. This increases safety.

    Citan Panel Van, Traffic Sign Assist

    Highbeam Assist

    Highbeam Assist automatically switches the main beams on and off in line with the traffic situation and thereby relieves the driver of manually switching back and forth between main beams and dipped beams. The system is controlled by a camera behind the windscreen that permanently records the traffic situation in front of the vehicle.

    Citan Panel Van, Highbeam Assist

    Tyre pressure monitoring at FA and RA, wireless

    The tyre pressure monitoring system checks the tyre pressure in all 4 wheels. It can alert the driver to a loss of pressure in the tyres, increasing driving safety and tyre life. The system provides a visual warning in the case of minimal pressure loss or larger pressure differences.

    Citan Panel Van, tyre pressure monitoring at FA and RA, wireless

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