Mercedes me connect | Digital products for private customers
A woman stands in front of a red Mercedes-Benz van using the Mercedes me App on her smartphone.

Mercedes me connect for private customers.

Makes your life simpler.

Mercedes me connect connects you with your van – in doing so, it makes your working days, leisure activities and family time simpler and even more comfortable.  

Grab a digital upgrade for your van and enjoy more comfort, service and safety. Mercedes me connect services for private customers are your personal mobility assistant. They ensure that you and your Mercedes are always connected to one another. With it, you have simple access to all important information and practical functions both inside and outside of the vehicle.

Just three of the many good reasons to get Mercedes me connect.

Discover the versatile advantages for comfort, servicing and safety now.

Greater comfort.

Intelligent functions make your working day more comfortable than ever before – and not just while driving, but also before getting into and after getting out of the vehicle.

More service.

A versatile range of services turn your Mercedes into a clever partner which reminds, assists and informs you.

Extra safety.

A diverse range of services provide reliable warnings and monitoring whilst also ensuring that you get rapid assistance when you need it.