Digital Trip Management.

Keep an eye on how your vehicles are used.

Digital Trip Management.

Business or private? Simply categorise the journeys and benefit from a clear presentation of all journeys made by your vehicles.

Your advantages at a glance.

Digitale Erfassung aller Daten

Digital recording of all data.

Transparenz über Fahrzeugnutzung

Full transparency on vehicle use.

Optimierungspotenziale sichtbar

Make optimisation potential visible.


Included services.

  1. Digital Trip Management


For vehicles with the "engine run-on" feature (MW1) there are functional restrictions for the Mercedes PRO connect services "Digital Trip Management" and "Digital Driver's Log". If the engine run-on feature is active, only one journey is recognised.


The Mercedes PRO connect App must not be used while the vehicle is on the move. Otherwise there is a danger of being distracted from the traffic, and of the driver or others being endangered. Please also observe the legal requirements of the country in which you are currently located.


Depending on the market the driver has up to 3 options of categorising the trip: as a commercial journey, a private journey or a commute.

Compatible models and applications.

Vehicles and models

New Sprinter (from 06/2018), Vito 447 (from 05/2019)

Vehicle Management Tool

Mercedes PRO connect App

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The durations and scopes of the Welcome Offer can vary depending on the model series, year of construction and the time of the vehicle sale. Details on the latest offer or offers can be obtained from the respective Mercedes PRO Portal in your market. After expiry of the current Welcome Offer, your Mercedes PRO company account will remain valid. Upon expiry of the Welcome Offer, all products included in the scope of the Welcome Offer also expire and are no longer assigned to the vehicle. To continue to benefit from the full portfolio of products, please note that some products and services must be purchased after expiry of the Welcome Offer.

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