Live Traffic Information.

Get to your destination quickly and with as little traffic as possible.

Real-time traffic information can considerably reduce your journey times, as it gets your drivers to their destinations as fast as possible, without congestion.

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Vito 447 (from 07/2020)1, eVito 447 (from 07/2020)1,2

Vehicle Management Tool

Mercedes PRO connect App


Only available in conjunction with Audio 40 (EA4) and Live Traffic Information (EY2).


Mercedes PRO connect services are available for eVito vehicles produced since 03/2019. If you have any questions concerning the availability of Mercedes PRO connect services for your eVito, please contact your dealership.

Detailed information as to which services are available for your vehicles can be obtained from the Mercedes PRO connect service overview.

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Available for Sprinter vehicles of the 906 model series from construction year 2006, for Vito vehicles of the 639 model series from 11/2010 and for Vito vehicles of the 447 model series from 10/2014 to 04/2019.  

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