Optimised Assistance.

Maximum operational readiness for your fleet.

Our offer.

Anticipatory maintenance and service are among the most important measures to optimise the operating efficiency of your vehicle fleet. The products related to "Optimised Assistance" help you with the timely planning of service work, repairs and maintenance measures.

Optimised Assistance Basis.

Benefit from more easily planned, time-saving workshop visits and reduced downtimes.

Optimised Assistance in operations.

Helps to save time and money.

The components of Mercedes PRO connect.

Discover more about the Mercedes PRO connect components which enable communication between fleet managers, drivers and vehicles and above all: make it considerably easier.

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The perfect opportunity to discover the efficiency of Mercedes PRO connect: secure your price advantage and use Mercedes PRO connect free of charge and without any obligations for 12 months with our Welcome Offer.1


After expiry of the current Welcome Offer, your Mercedes PRO company account will remain valid. It will be possible to continue using products that have been activated independently of the Welcome Offer, in accordance with their individual running duration. Please see the Mercedes PRO Portal for the applicable running durations of the Welcome Offers. To continue to benefit from the full portfolio of products, please note that you must purchase the other products and services after expiry of the Welcome Offer.

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