Telediagnosis and Remote Vehicle Diagnostics.

Helps ensure you enjoy smooth vehicle operation.

Thanks to "Telediagnosis and Remote Vehicle Diagnostics", your Service Partner always has an eye on the status of your vehicles. This allows maintenance appointments to be planned with greater ease, as well as shorter workshop visits and the timely replacement of wear parts.

Your advantages at a glance.

Vorausschauende Betreuung

Pro-active support from your Service Partner.

Reduziertes Ausfallrisiko

Reduced risk of breakdown.

Kürzere Werkstattaufenthalte

Shorter workshop visits.

Included services.

  1. Remote vehicle diagnostics

  2. Telediagnostics

Compatible models.

Vehicles and models

Sprinter 910, Sprinter 907, eSprinter 910, Vito 447 (from 05/2019), eVito 4471, V-Class 447 (from 03/2020)


Mercedes PRO connect services are available for eVito vehicles produced since 03/2019. If you have any questions concerning the availability of Mercedes PRO connect services for your eVito, please contact your dealership.

Detailed information as to which services are available for your vehicles can be obtained from the Mercedes PRO connect service overview.

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