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Optimised Assistance icon

Optimised Assistance

Benefit from more easily planned, time-saving workshop visits and reduced downtimes.


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Icon Remote Vehicle Diagnostics and Telediagnostics

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics and Telediagnostics

Take advantage of maintenance appointments which are easier to plan, as well as shorter workshop visits and a reduced risk of breakdown.


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Icon Efficient Vehicle Management

Efficient Vehicle Management

Improve utilisation of your vehicle by being able to call up the vehicle status and location at any time1.


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Exclusive for Sprinter & V-Class
Improved Navigation icon

Improved Navigation

Arrive at your destination quickly and well-informed, thanks to the best possible route guidance and up-to-date map material.


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Exclusive for Vito & eVito
Live Traffic Information icon

Live Traffic Information

Use real-time traffic data to get to your destination safely and with as little traffic as possible.


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Remote Control icon

Remote Control

Remotely check the vehicle status and comfortably lock and unlock doors without a key.


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Exclusive for eVito & eSprinter
Icon Remote eCharging

Remote eCharging

Control and check the battery charge and climate control of your electric vehicle – remotely.


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Exclusive for Sprinter
Icon Mercedes-Benz Van Uptime

Mercedes-Benz Van Uptime

Let us look after your van. With digital diagnosis in real-time from Mercedes-Benz Van Uptime.


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Icon Interface to Third-Party Providers

Interface to Third-Party Providers

The interface for using innovative, personalised services from third-party providers in your vehicle.


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The position is only displayed on the maps for the journey type "Business trip" or if no driver is allocated to the vehicle.

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