Digital inside rearview mirror

A good view to the rear.

With the digital inside rearview mirror, which can be retrofitted, you can ensure a clear view to the rear even if the load or the body may impair your view. The camera image makes the area directly behind the vehicle clearly visible in the inside rearview mirror.

Whether you are reversing into a parking space, manoeuvring or on a construction site: a good view to the rear is essential for driving at all times. With the digital inside rearview mirror you can equip your vehicle with an even better view to the rear. The camera is installed on the upper part of the vehicle body. In the digital inside rearview mirror you can view the area directly behind your vehicle and you can assess the situation behind your vehicle better, enabling easier reversing and parking. Using the rocker switch in the lower section of the mirror housing, you can easily switch between the conventional mirror function and the camera image.