Charging solutions
eVito Panel Van

The Mercedes-Benz charging solutions for your eVan.

At a glance: how you benefit.

schnell und sicher

Fast and safe.

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home quickly, safely and conveniently charges electric vehicles at a charging output of up to 22 kW.

Driver comfort.

The Mercedes me connect service "Programming of charging settings and Pre-Entry Climate Control" ensures your vehicle is fully charged and pre-air conditioned for you at the desired time.
Online Zugriff

Online access.

The eVan eco-system comprises the charging infrastructure, innovative charging services, connectivity solutions and a range of other services.

Ease of operation.

The 4 m, 5 m and 8 m mode 3, type 2 charging cables makes it possible to charge the battery at either a wallbox or a charging station.

Increasing range.

3 different drive programs and 4 recuperation levels assist you in maintaining an efficient driving style.
Nutzungsspezifisches Lademanagement

Operations-specific charging management

The charging management controls the charging and pre-entry climate control in addition to displaying the charge status.

User management.

Charging history, authentication and assignment of the charging processes to users and vehicles.

Charge electric vehicles conveniently.

Fast, safe and convenient charging.

The Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home is a compact solution with a high-quality design which quickly, safely and comfortably charges vehicles with a charging output of up to 22 kW. Further features of the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home:

  • Permanently installed charging cable (6 m) with charging connector retainer
  • The installation and commissioning of the wallbox must be carried out by a qualified electrician
  • The wallbox is available from Parts Sales at Mercedes-Benz dealers.

Switch on your business.

How do I charge my eVito?

Individual customers.

1 to 2 electric vehicles.

Are you planning to operate 1 or 2 electric vehicles from your business location? In this case, the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox is the befitting solution for charging your vehicles fast, safely and conveniently.
  1. Advice: your Mercedes-Benz Partner will be happy to provide you with information on the advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home.
  2. Procurement: you can obtain the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox Home from your Mercedes-Benz Partner.
  3. Installation: the wallbox can be installed by any qualified specialist electrician. Technical details regarding installation can be found in the installation manual at Our tip: make the appointment in good time ahead of vehicle delivery.
  4. Mercedes PRO connect: with your eVan, you can use the practical services from the Mercedes PRO connect connectivity and vehicle management solution. Your Mercedes-Benz partner will be happy to advise you on this. They can carry out activation for you if you choose not to do this yourself1. More information can be found at
  5. Ready! We hope you enjoy the unique driving sensation of your eVan!

Mercedes PRO connect services are available for eVito vehicles produced since 03/2019. If you have any questions concerning the availability of Mercedes PRO connect services for your eVito, please contact your dealership.

Fleet customers.

3 or more electric vehicles.

Are you planning to operate 3 or more electric vehicles from your location? If so, you will need a charging infrastructure suited to the requirements of your fleet. Networking the charging infrastructure with your electric vehicles allows complete transparency as well as operations-specific and cost-optimised charging of your fleet.