Efficient Fleet Management.

Always a step ahead.

Our offer.

Anticipatory operational planning of your fleet doesn't just save you time, but also time and energy. Let Mercedes PRO connect help you keep a clear overview of where exactly your vehicles are and their current status.

Efficient Fleet Management Basis.

Improve the utilisation rate of your fleet by anticipatory and flexible planning, and a constant overview of your vehicles.

Efficient Fleet Management in use.

Always aware of vehicle status and location.

The components of Mercedes PRO connect.

Discover more about the Mercedes PRO connect components which enable communication between fleet managers, drivers and vehicles and above all: make it considerably easier.

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Secure your new-customer reduced rate and as part of the Welcome Offer "Digital Fleet Solution" use the "Efficient Fleet Management Basic" product and many further products and services for 12 months free of charge and without obligation.1


The durations and scopes of the Welcome Offer can vary depending on the model series, year of construction and the time of the vehicle sale. Details on the latest offer or offers can be obtained from the respective Mercedes PRO Portal in your market. After expiry of the current Welcome Offer, your Mercedes PRO company account will remain valid. Upon expiry of the Welcome Offer, all products included in the scope of the Welcome Offer also expire and are no longer assigned to the vehicle. To continue to benefit from the full portfolio of products, please note that some products and services must be purchased after expiry of the Welcome Offer.

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