The eVito panel van: your holistic solution for electromobility

Efficient electric drive, combined with proven vehicle strengths.

Vehicle range up to 150 km1 (WLTP).

The eVito panel van is as advanced as modern mobility demands. And it is just as functional, safe and comfortable as you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz Vito. Its highly efficient electric motor with 85 kW (116 hp) and torque of 300 Nm as well as the other electrical components make use of the synergies of the group modular construction kit.

The eVito panel van has a range of approx. 150 km calculated according to the WLTP procedure. The installed battery capacity is 41 kWh and can be used at a charging power of 7.2 kW in about 6 hours fully charged from 0 to 100%. The vehicle is fitted with a standard speed limit of 80 km/h which can be uprated upon request. 

The eVito is available in long wheelbase only. With its cargo volume of 6.0 m3 you have no restrictions due to the electric drive. The payload is up to 1,015 kg.

The eVito panel van is recommended if your vehicle is mainly on the road in city traffic or running scheduled, recurring routes. The eVito panel van is suitable for all sectors and applications, once the range and charging requirements are taken into account.



The indicated values ​​were determined according to the prescribed measuring procedure. These are the "NEDC CO2 levels" i. S. v. Art. 2 No. 1 Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/1152. The fuel consumption values ​were calculated on the basis of these values. Electricity consumption was determined on the basis of Regulation 692/2008 / EC.150 km calculated according to the WLTP procedure with an engine output of 85kW 2 Standard speed limit 80 km/h, code MK5; Speed limit 100 km/h, code MD2; and speed limit 120 km/h, code MD3, optional at extra cost.

eVito fixed specification

The eVito is offered in a fixed specification only. Some of the highlights are below. 
  1. Vehicle
  2. Wheels
  3. Power
Vehicle Variant

The eVito is offered in a fixed specification vehicle. The highlights of the specification include; 

Vehicle length is long

Vehicle colour is Arctic White

Available power output of 85kw

17 inch steel wheels

Further optional equipment is not possible in conjunction with the eVito at this point in time. 

17 inch steel wheels

The painted 17" steel wheels offer a robust and distinctive look to the exterior of the eVito. 

Power output and range

The eVito panel van has a range of approx. 150 km calculated according to the WLTP procedure with an engine output of 85kW. The installed battery capacity is 41 kWh and can be used at a charging power of 7.2 kW in about 6 hours fully charged from 0 to 100%.


  1. Efficiency
  2. Reliability
  3. Functionality
Electric drive - can also advance you economically. The switch to eVito can pay off.

Our vans with electric drive can also convince you economically. Depending on the profile of use, the electric drive can already be at the level of vehicles with an internal combustion engine in terms of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The intelligent operating strategy of vans with electric drive contributes to economy on the road. With 3 driving programs and 4 recuperation levels you can optimize the power consumption and thus the range of your electric powered van. Recuperation recovers energy when the vehicle is decelerating. For example, the battery charges on downhill, instead of losing the energy in the form of heat when braking. That's how you can go far with Mercedes-Benz electric powered vans - on the road as well as in your company.

Ready, when you are. As reliable partners should be.

You should quickly appreciate your eVito as a partner. That's why we do everything for a long and reliable relationship. Upon delivery, you will receive a sophisticated vehicle in Mercedes-Benz quality, whose electric drive and heating have passed our comprehensive winter test with temperatures of up to minus 30 ° C. The eVito is designed to meet the tough demands of a commercially used vehicle. And its extensive corrosion protection with fully galvanized body ensures that it looks good even after many years as a business card for your company.

So much is certain: With the eVito you decide on a vehicle that you can rely on. It will support you throughout your tasks thanks to maximum availability. Because for us, "Mercedes-Benz. Vans Born to run" is not just a motto, but a promise.


Bearing the load. A cargo space as diverse as the transport tasks required.

There is room for everything in the eVito. The electrified drive does not create any restrictions in the cargo hold. With a maximum payload of up to 1,015 kg and up to 6m3 loading space, it takes along as a 3,200-kg vehicle loads of cargo. 

By the way: With its large door openings and a low sill, you can handle even difficult tasks with ease in the eVito - for even more comfort, efficiency and safety during loading and unloading.

Uses electrical energy as efficiently as possible.

3 driving programs and 4 recuperation stages for range utilization. 

The drive system of the eVito includes the electric motor, the high-voltage battery, the power electronics and the charger. The electric motor drives the front wheels and draws the necessary energy from the high-voltage battery. This is primarily charged from the power grid and can be supplemented by regenerated energy during vehicle use by using recuperation.

The eVito's intelligent operating strategy ensures that it is used as efficiently as possible: with 3 driving programs and 4 recuperation levels, the power consumption and thus the range of the eVito can be optimized. The 3 driving programs "E +", "E" and "C" are selected via the driving program switch in the center console, the 4 recuperation stages "D-", "D", "D +" and "D ++" via the steering wheel switching paddles.

Recuperation recovers energy when the vehicle is decelerating. For example, the battery charges on downhill, instead of losing the energy in the form of heat when braking. The respective setting for driving program and recuperation level is displayed in the instrument cluster display. With this intelligent operating strategy, the efficiency of electric-powered vans can be further optimized in everyday operations on the road.

Is your business eVan ready? Download the eVan ready app and find out. 

eVan ecosystem.

Successful electromobility requires more than a van with electric drive. That's why Mercedes-Benz is developing a complete eVan ecosystem that covers all the needs of electromobility. Its offer includes an intelligent and networked charging infrastructure, innovative charging services, forward-looking connectivity solutions and competent services before and after purchase.

Because Mercedes-Benz Vans knows exactly what is driving users of electromobility and the industries in which it is used. With this know-how, we can help our customers make the transition to successful and economic use of electromobility.

Download the app to determine if the eVito is suitable for your business. 

Exemplary safety level also with electric drive.

Well protected high voltage system.

The eVito completes the same vehicle trials and crash tests as aVito with an internal combustion engine. That is why it is also on the exemplary Mercedes-Benz level when it comes to safety.

The powertrain, the high-voltage battery and the high-voltage cables are embedded in a protected frame. A protective plate shields the battery system additionally from below against damage. All high-voltage cables are elaborately insulated. The high-voltage cables can be recognized by their orange sheathing. In addition, it is constantly monitored whether the high voltage cables are properly connected. If necessary, the high-voltage system is automatically switched off.

If the crash sensors detect a serious accident in which, for example, airbags are activated, the vehicle is automatically de-energized immediately. For rescue workers, a "rescue separation point" is installed under the front passenger seat, with the help of which the power supply can be interrupted. Otherwise, only trained persons may work on the high-voltage system. This is to be considered, for example, even in the event of a breakdown.

Frequently asked Questions.

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  3. 3. How do I drive my eVito efficiently?

  4. 4. Can I load the eVito like a regular van?

  5. 5. How often does my eVito have to be serviced?

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